What is Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga ?


Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga is a practice that is complete new within modern Yoga, even though its origins is on the Tantra Kahula´s teachings. This methodology does not have nothing to do with the actual yoga, but the system of asanas, kriyas, pranaymas, mudras and locks work in the same or deeper frecuency that the Normal Yoga.

A T K Y some of its process are linked to different Systems like the kundalinic, Babaji´s Tantra Yoga (pranayamas), Agama Yoga (at the esoteric part) & Hatha´s (At the work with the balancing) . Contrary to many methodologies that are in search of relaxation, physical exercises, balancing the energy or the cleans up of the chakra system; ATKY takes the practice of Yoga to another dimension.

The three dimensions of the being are the phases in which Prana and sacred energy (sexual energy placed with an intention) will be the main basic elements on this practice. The main goal will be to collect, handle, transform & transmute the life force of our being.

For that matter, ATKY will use 5 tools that Tantra Kahula uses: Pranayamas (Swahara Yoga); meditation ( not only static but dinamic); the Asana & Kriya; Ritualism and Sacred Sexuality .


The Art on the use of the PRANA.

Swahara Yoga is one of the old practices that are lost in the modern times. Prana is the vital force in our physical and astral bodies. ATKY use this technology in our energetical system to move & collect different energies, to meditate, to liberate and to transmute. We practice chakra base breathing at the basic & intermediate levels, then we pass to Upper Chakra breathing in the advance level.


Most of the times we think that mediation is a practice with no movement. ATKY use mindfulness in the development of the Asana or Postures. Then afterwards we center our attention to the movement of energy during & after the asana or kriya. The use of certain locks in your body will allow us to block thoughts and chanalize the energy in a good way.


The Asana.  The postures that we do are similar to Hatha Yoga practice but we practice by partners, trios, or in a colective way. The posture goes far beyond a physical & individual experience since we work with the Tantra techniques in which you interconnect with your self first and then with the partner that you are working with. You elevate your frecuency at the same level and from there either , we can be performing an estatic posture but being aware of the energy through out chakra base breathing and sacred lock all the time. Or we do a kriya (action) in which there we can do a pranayama with movement in the same asana.  Every Asana is done in a Ritual framework in which the sacred and energy plays a fundamental . In some exercises you will experience energy orgasms that will take you to an esoterical and spiritual experience.