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Most of the times people had asked why a Yoga Session is performed in nudity.

The true nature of the Yoga was in nudity. At the early stages of Yoga & Tantra practices among the Dravidians and other yoga methods the sessions were done

The practice of the nudity is conceived in the following concepts.

**The Divine nature of the human being to renounce to every thing and in special to the material things.

**Being aware of your own body and the sensation of freedom when you practice asanas and not being restricted to the cloths.

**Take away the inhibitions and accept ourselves as we are.  Feeling that there is no shame of being in our bodies not being Judie, just being who we are. No labels , no genders, no sexuality , just energy and universes.

**Take away to be attached to the physical body and celebrate the resonance of energy with the universe.

** Imagine that you have two physical objects in which each one is first interconnected to mother earth and he or she is moving energy  with in his or her own body.   This energy when you want to create an electrical circuit between the two objects you can not have nothing that blocks that interconnection of energy.

** The sacred symbol of  a nude human body.

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